Roy Fox Lichtenstein (1923-1997) was one of the biggest names in Pop Art. From an early age he showed signs of his interest in the arts: he painted, drew, made sculptures, played the piano, and regularly attended jazz shows. The Ben-Day Points were considered the artist's trademark, which augmented and exaggerated them in many of his paintings and sculptures, especially in his interpretation of comic books and contemporary illustrations.

Part of his aesthetic project was the elevation of the commonplace, the gesture of shedding light on the initially unconsidered. His pieces are known for making reference to mass culture characters, being inspired by comics, the aim being that the works seem mechanically reproduced, and having parody and irony as central features.

He also created a three-dimensional work, "El Cap de Barcelona" ("The Head of Barcelona"). This sculpture was constructed with concrete and mosaics to represent Antoni Gaudi's style (known for using organic lines and mosaics in his works).