Vladimir Stenberg and Georgii Stenberg were Soviet artists and designers. Both Stenberg Brothers studied engineering and fine arts at Stroganoff School of Applied Art.

They had a huge aesthetic contribution to the Russian films posters. The technological limitations of the time made it difficult to use real images by collage in their graphic works because they did not allow them to reproduce it to a high standart. To counteract these flaws, the Stenberg Brothers invented a prototype projector that allowed them to project the images giving them freedom of handling and distortion it and then drawing them by hand.

Stenberg Brothers film poster

"Our primary device is montage . . . [but] we do not neglect Construction. Ours are eye-catching posters which, one might say, are designed to shock. We deal with the material in a free manner . . . disregarding actual proportions . . . turning figures upside-down; in short, we employ everything that can make a busy passerby stop in their tracks."
Vladimir Stenberg (1928)