In the past, perfumes were accessible only to a privileged part of the population, but this has changed and today they are part of our daily lives. Each person has the option to choose the way they smell, which will not only reflect their personality, but how other people will perceive it. A fragrance acts as an expression of personality and class, and each scent has the power to convey particular meanings. Perfume packaging design plays an essential role in communicating your style, making it unforgettable and making the perfume brand recognized.

With so many options on the market, it is important that each perfume has character and stands out from the rest, not only in the aroma, but also in the way it is presented, that is, in the perfume packaging. There are infinite concepts that a perfume can be inspired by, such as luxury, freshness or modernity, but perfume packaging must be able to communicate that idea and generate the desired emotions and qualities.

Today more than ever in a changing and increasingly competitive environment, packaging design has become a very important specialty for many companies, with the intention of being able to attract buyers by making products that can clearly differentiate themselves from the competition. Fragrance packaging attracts the attention of consumers and sells the image, it is a door that leads to the fragrance inside, so it has to be consistent. Proper perfume packaging design increases the value of the scent, allowing perfume brands to gain a stronger presence in the market.

Each brand also has the opportunity to tell with its perfume packaging design its story about a fragrance and the brand itself. The bottle is the first form of communication with a customer and the first contact people have with a scent, so of course it should be memorable. People love stories and what they represent, and the story behind perfumery packaging should be as intoxicating and complex as the fragrance it contains, because even if it's amazing, people won't buy it if they don't understand it. They need to feel a connection or it just doesn't work, and the stronger people's emotional connection, the more beauty they see.

Although the label design of the perfume packaging often comes in innovatively shaped bottles with decorative lids, the truth is that the box must also match to achieve the same goals. To make the label stand out there are many techniques and finishes that can be used, such as special coatings, foil, holographic patterns and varnishes, but you can also add texture with special papers and embossing or debossing.

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