Trade Routes Candles

Penhaligon’s is a British brand of luxury niche perfumes created in 1870 and named after its founder William Penhaligon. Among the wide range of Penhaligon's products we can find Trade Routes, a collection that pays tribute to the commercial routes of the 19th century and the scents that surround them.

Penhaligon's Trade Routes candles packaging design - Noreste Studio

Besides a variety of fragrances, in the Trade Routes family we can find a selection of candles that originally consisted of six different ones (Maduro Leaf, Comoros Pearl, Anbar Stone, Roanoke Ivy, Kumgan Rose and Ceylon Pekoe), and later two more were added (Sinking Oud and Calisaya Bark).

Penhaligon's Trade Routes candles packaging design - Noreste Studio

Trade Routes candles are known for a woody and luxurious aroma, whose container is made of colored glass where each color represents a different fragrance. We can also find the candles in various sizes: miniature (65g), classic (200g) and large (650g).

As for the packaging, wood has been used as the main material on which the Penhaligon's logo and the Trade Routes seal have been engraved. The opening is a sliding type, whose lid is sealed with a classically inspired label in the color corresponding to the candle inside.

Penhaligon's Trade Routes candles packaging design - Noreste Studio
Penhaligon's Trade Routes candles home fragrances design - Noreste Studio

Currently, the packaging sector is transforming towards a new reality: innovation, a new legislative framework, a change in consumer behavior and sustainability. As a consequence, wood is a key material for a sustainable future, as long as it is used responsibly. There are many advantages offered by this material, such as its resistance and durability for packaging and transport, its quality/price ratio and its easy recycling. That is why, more and more, companies want to include wood into their packaging processes; in this way, they are seen as a committed brand without neglecting their careful and luxurious design.

Penhaligon's Trade Routes candles box design - Noreste Studio

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