A new project, a journey that always begins in a grey areas · Removing layers · Defocusing from the obvious and focusing on what remains to be revealed searching for synthesis, simplicity · Visualising every next step, making sense of it over and over again · But the brush creates new perspectives off the canvas finding the perfect texture · Switching the gaze to italics, choosing the precise words and then placing them imprecisely · Some colour appears between the lines, but not enough and the journey doubles back once again · Because to get to a place that makes you not want to blink, you always have to set new coordinates · For some time now, we have known that we are meant to design stories · We are Noreste

Fragrance packaging
Label design
Food packaging
Wine labels
3D modeling

Art direction in photography
Fashion art direction
Product photography
Art direction in advertising

Brand Identity
Logo Design

Brand Guidelines
Corporate Identity

Responsive web
Social media images


Brand concept
Design and production Integrated off/on campaigns
Branded content
Community management
Experiential and event production


Trends & culture research
Design thinking
Branding strategy

Data strategy

Online monitoring
Customer experience

Digital media planning

Social ads
Email marketing
Media execution


We participate in projects where we can draw an attractive story for your brand

We are a graphic design and art direction studio based in Barcelona. We already have the direction clear but the way we do it together, the final destination is to do something that will last, shine and be useful for you. We adapt to the format and you. You are unique and special, let's make it obvious and make everyone know it.

We treat each work individually, creating a suitable team for what is needed. We like to think freely, we are not tied to any philosophy, to any set of rules. We experiment, investigate, and explore. It is an approach that keeps us agile and allows us to go further.

With more than 10 years of experience, we have worked for small and large clients in important sectors such as fashion, perfumery, hospitality industry or culture, and in projects of all kinds offering art direction services in photography, fashion and advertising, web design, 3D modeling, product design, packaging, corporate image and visual identity.

We believe the memories that are forever are those that are stored in the heart. That is why all our works pursue something in common: provoke feelings. This is our premise. If it doesn't excite, it's not Noreste. Through our design we will be able to trace a beautiful story that manages to connect your brand with your audience from the emotion.

With clear coordinates, we know where we want to go and how to get there. With a fixed course, accompanied by you and with our values always present. In Noreste graphic design studio you will never miss:

Art → In Noreste studio we understand art as a feeling in itself. With our work we will seek to create our own universe for your brand that excites and convinces who contemplates it.

People → We have a team of great professionals and the best people. The human side of our graphic design studio is reflected in the sensitivity and personality of each of the Noreste projects.

Quality → In the world of design and in society itself, perception is everything, so we take care of even the smallest detail to ensure that the quality of our work is the result you expected. Quality in ideas, in processes and, of course, quality in execution.

Soul → A part of us is born and stays in each of our works. We design from within to get sincere design projects that make you fall in love. With your permission, we will want your brand almost as much as you.

Fellowship → We will accompany you from beginning to end, from the moment we meet until the day we celebrate the outcome of our first project together.

Commitment  → When we accept a project we assume it with maximum responsibility. We empathize with our customers to ensure that our designs fulfill and meet the needs of the brand.

Our graphic design studio is located in the Poblenou district of Barcelona, full of remodeled factories that house creative offices and new technologies. Its creativity inspires the everyday life of our work. The rhythm of this city makes us constantly evolving, always attentive to the latest trends and influences so our designs are never obsolete. Everything so that the design of your brand and your products lasts over time and in the memory of all customers.

The recognition of our customers is the destination of our trip. We will strive to offer you unique designs recognizable by their authenticity and their light. This is what we have always done and we will continue to do so, also getting on numerous occasions, be recognized by great design prescribers such as the Laus awards, German Design Awards, which have awarded some of our work in recent years.

In Noreste graphic design studio we know more than anyone that a picture is worth a thousand words, that's why we invite you to see our projects and get excited about what we can do for you. Be bold, ask us, question us and know us. When you are ready, we will begin to trace our particular history together.

Contact us

Joan d'Àustria, 126, 6-4
08018 Barcelona, Spain
0034 934 874 985