Increasingly, the percentage of brands opting for personalized packaging is higher. Good personalized packaging helps to market the product and improve sales. It is also estimated that around 60% of buyers choose attractive packaging that contains their product.

Custom packaging gives identity to the brand and can help it stand out in the competitive marketplace. It can make the product look special and unique, apart from its main purpose, which is to protect and store the product. Although standard packaging may seem like an easier option, it is always better to have customized packaging that suits your needs, as you only have one chance to make a first impression on customers.

Now, customizable packaging means that the pack is designed to fit the product perfectly rather than choosing pre-made packaging that it could fit into. This customization can be achieved by adding elements such as the logo, colors and slogan of the brand on a primary and/or secondary pack, previously die-cut with the correct measures for the best possible protection of the product. This will make the custom packaging a visual representation of the brand for people, and being recognizable will result in more brand loyalty, therefore more sales.

Another very important decision when designing a personalized packaging is the choice of the right material. Before deciding this, you have to question many specifications of the product, such as weight and how it will be stored and transported, but you also have to take into account the environment, as recycled materials may be required.

Today, people are looking for unique and attractive products, so custom packaging plays an important role in this. Generic packages are likely to feel boring and without anything special which will make the customer to ignore them more often. Custom packaging of a product increases brand awareness, value and simply makes the customer experience better than a standard.

If you seek to strengthen the value of the brand, it will be better through personalized packaging, because the emotional connection you will establish with people will be much stronger, which will create long-term and recurring customers.

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