In a sector as competitive as the food industry, one of the most important aspects is food packaging, as it has multiple functions. It not only preserves the quality of the food and protect it from chemical, physical and environmental factors that can contaminate it, but it also makes a product stand out at the point of sale and attract customers.

To obtain the ideal food packaging, an exhaustive investigation is carried out because, otherwise, it can affect the quality and taste of a product. A good pack is the one that avoids waste and guarantees that the food retains the desired quality throughout its shelf life. There are various types of food packaging, such as cans, bags, boxes and bottles, and all of them have their pros and cons, therefore, their specific utility. It is important to know the food and packaging types very well, while following the latest trends in food packaging to stay competitive and attractive.

Today, there are hundreds of products on supermarket shelves and no matter if it is a chocolate or a bottle of wine, food packaging is essential to differentiate the brand, capture the attention of a customer and influence the purchase. Most customers are more likely to appreciate more the food they buy if its packaging has quality. So, food packaging is a great marketing tool, from the label and logo to the shape of the food packaging, a customer can remember your brand the next time they come to the store.

Food packaging that aims at sustainability and reducing waste and materials is increasingly common. The reasons for this may be, for example, government laws, pressure from consumers and retailers, and cost control. In recent decades, the growing demand from consumers and governments for a more sustainable and ecological packaging design has led the food industry to redesign and propose alternative food packaging solutions. However, when designing a new packaging system, several variables must be taken into account, such as that the correct amount of the appropriate materials for the specific food must be used to provide the desired yield.

A food packaging designer is on a mission to balance visual appeal with the functional aspect of food product safety and security. In the functional aspect, it is imperative that when a user obtains the product, the state of the food is in perfect condition. Food packaging contains a message about the features and benefits of the product in a simple and easy way to understand. The packaging has a fraction of a second to capture the consumer's attention among the rest of the products with which it is competing at the point of sale.

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