Planellas Donat

Branding and packaging redesign for Planelles Donat, a traditional family business dedicated to the production and sale of nougat, candy, ice cream and tiger nut milk, located in downtown Barcelona.

Planelles Donat Logo Branding
Planelles Donat icon brand design
Planelles Donat sticker logotype
Planelles Donat sticker identity
Planelles Donat sticker branding
Planelles Donat Wrapping paper pattern design
Planelles Donat box packaging design
Planelles Donat Shopping bag graphic design

For this assignment we had a very clear premise; renewing their identity without losing the familiar and traditional spirit of the business. We immersed ourselves in their story and recovered colors, shapes and symbolic elements that would connect us back to their roots.

Planelles Donat business cards
Planelles Donat products packaging design
Planelles Donat paper bag graphic design

As a result, we designed an elegant and classical image, with a clearly refreshed personality fit for the needs of modern times.

Planelles Donat website design
Planelles Donat social media animated GIF
Planelles Donat Turrones photography 1
Planelles-1445Planelles Donat Turrones photography 2
Planelles Donat Turrones photography 3

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