Choco Box by Symi

Choco box by Symi are delicious and artisan chocolates filled with character and personality like their creator. Each one of them is sculpted into a unique shape in a class of its own and made with the best natural ingredients.

Facing such a meticulously made product, our challenge was to capture its inner beauty and translate it into a box that would contain it.

It was clear to us that Symi chocolates embodied attributes like honesty and boldness so we used these as a starting point. We also focused in designing a box that could be a perfect-for-every-occasion gift. And so, we created ballsy messages and decorated them with unique and original prints. As a result, we designed a surprising and attractive packaging, away from the common and formal chocolate box.

In the end, we got it! Finally, we managed to translate the deliciousness and beauty of Symi chocolates into its case. Happy with a job well-done, the only thing left to do was to enjoy chocolate as it is supposed to, cheerfully and guilt-free.

Choco Box by Symi - Bombons packaging collection

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