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At Noreste, we have the pleasure of calling Christian Louboutin Beauty one of our closest clients. We have developed an endearing relationship, helping them with the creation and development of their products. We have crystallised their creative concept into their graphic identity: from the creation of 3D renders all the way to final arts.

We work closely with the Louboutin team to create quality outcomes from stem to stern, to get results that match the brand’s status.


To celebrate the Chinese New Year, Christian Louboutin Beauty trusted us with the creation of an exclusive gift box. The design of this luxurious box focuses on the image of an ox — the Chinese horoscope for 2021. We carefully selected a golden graphic concept to recreate a sumptuous, traditional and festive atmosphere. Moreover, the box contained a Hong Bao (traditional Chinese red envelope) with the same pattern as the box, achieving an exquisite and sophisticated result, perfect for this limited edition set to celebrate the new year in style.


So clients can find the right fragrance within the exclusive array of products by Christian Louboutin Beauty, we have created an interactive display where users go through a personalised questionnaire to discover their perfect fragrance. To design this experience, we worked with the talent and illustrations of Hélène Tran, with whom Christian Louboutin had previously collaborated.


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Every year, Christian Louboutin invites a makeup artist to create 6 exclusive makeup collections. This year, the artist Hung Vanngo, famous for his unique vision of femininity, was the chosen one to give life and colour to the new collection. To present this event to the press, we created a microsite where guests could see a taste of the presentation. Guests could also be part of the event: sending Mr. Vanngo their questions so he could answer them during the presentation.


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Our mission is to take the essence of the brand to the digital world. We use a variety of content and animations for social media to connect the user to the unmistakable universe of Christian Louboutin.


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