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In every single new fragrance, Comme Des Garçons Parfums reinvents and redefines itself. This time it was with Zero, a new fragrance based on a very simple but increasingly vital concept: the respect for the environment. Both in its formula and packaging, the goal was to reduce the environmental impact.

Comme des Garçons ZERO packaging design
Comme des Garçons ZERO fragrance design
Comme des Garçons ZERO label design

95% of the Zero ingredients are from natural origin. For the design of the packaging we have considered the entire industrial sector to achieve the best possible commitment, given the limitations of the luxury industry. Having this in mind, it is not a perfect product nor does it claim to be, but this is a project to try to make things better. With this sincere approach and with the improvement of industrial development, the future looks promising.

The perfume’s flacon has been made with recycled glass, therefore 15% of the glass used for the bottle has already been produced and used before. By being able to give the glass a second life, it contributes to reduce consumption and consequently the environmental impact of the product. The bottle pump is free, which means that you can separate the different pieces easily, because it’s threaded and not stuck, so it allows us to refill the jar and reuse it.


For the packaging it has been used FSC-qualified paper, 40% of which is recycled consumer waste, thus, encouraging a more sustainable use of this type of material in the luxury industry, with the hope of seeing more and more initiatives like this. The printing on the packaging has been minimized as much as possible, plus it’s only been used one single black ink.


At Noreste, we are very satisfied with the final result. Mainly because of its simplicity and due to the entire creative process experienced from the beginning to the launch of this new Comme Des Garçons fragrance.

Comme des Garçons ZERO perfumes bottle graphic design

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