Le Potager

Le Potager fragrances were created from the idea of markets and cultivation. The experiences obtained through the vegetables colors, shapes ans smells.

L’Artisan Parfumeur and the its founder, Jean Laporte, always wanted to show their love and respect for nature, therefore they created this innovative collection integrating vegetables that have never been used before in perfumery.


With this concept in mind and with the 5 hero ingredients, we began the fascinating process of transforming this idea into visual identity. We took inspiration from the “Toile de Jouy” (“Cloth from Jouy”), which is a decorative seamless pattern describing a fairly complex scene, using a white or off-white color as a background.

Finally, we got each packaging to have it’s own pattern color to portray the main ingredient of each fragrance, in this case, vegetables. Once this phase was completed, we started to adapt the patterns to the rest of the graphic elements for the launch campaign and other merchandising.


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