Hidden London

Packaging design for Penhaligon's Hidden London, a range of fragrances named after London's most elegant and historic neighbourhoods: Belgravia Chypre, Kensington Amber and Marylebone Wood. Each perfume showcases an iconic building through a trio of elaborate illustrations; highlighted by a textured vibrant color, that captures and contrasts its essence.

Penhaligon's Hidden London Noreste studio
Hidden London luxury fragrance
Hidden London art direction photography

These iconic neighborhoods are represented in each pack through the engraved history found in the stones of the houses and the royal victorian monuments of KENSINGTON AMBER, in the intimate gregorian style of the private and public parks of MARLEYBONE WOOD, and in the calm, pure and discrete traditional palladian mansions with creme facades of BELGRAVIA CHYPRE.

Label design for perfumes Noreste studio

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