Beyond being a brand, Queendom is above all a movement. A movement that celebrates women and reflects modern feminism. To this end, Queendom pays tribute to six women who dared to change the world. Each embodies a fragrance through which her story is told to the world.Queendom's universe was created with the collaboration of English illustrator Angelica Hicks.

Queendom Fragrancias y Packaging Noteste Studio
Queendom Cosmetics
Queendom Cosmetics
Queendom Blush Noreste Studio

The brand was built up gradually. At first designed as a set of products, working on different graphic options in order to find the best direction to connect with its target through a clear and close language. After a long creative process, it was able to start the modeling and prototyping phase. Beyond managing to find an attractive construction for the user, due to the wide range of products, everything had to be well solved so that there would be no problems afterwards.

Queendom fragance label design

This task was not an easy one and was certainly one of the most important tasks of the project. Finally, it was necessary to generate the complete product image for social networks and online sales, as this is currently the only sales channel for Queendom.

Queendom Mary Soul Animation
Queendom Lip Balm Animation
Queendom Blush Animation

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