The Favourite

"The Stuarts had their fare share of scandal and intrigue, especially when it came to their royal favorites.” The Favourite is a fragrance inspired by Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough, one of the most influential women in british history.

Penhaligon's The Favourite fragrance desgin
The Favourite perfume desgin

The pink and red colors used in this design reflect the beauty, femininity and power of this historical character. We created an embossed royal shield-like frame inspired in the english barroque style of the time, using delicate and feminine elements such as flowers and birds in with golden foil finish. The large pink velvet bow seeks to portray the imponent presence of Queen Anne’s best friend who rose to prominence and give just a glimpse of the mystery behind the magestic life behind Blenheim’s Palace. 

The Favourite packaging design
Penhaligon's The Favourite product design

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