Zany&Shy is a sustainable jewelry brand with an outstanding value proposal: the diamonds they use are grown in a lab and each one of their pieces is made by hand by experienced artisans in Italy. At Noreste we don’t know how to make jewelry quite yet, but what we do know is how to design beautiful boxes to wrap these pieces up and make them shine even more.

Zany & Shy - Packaging design

Inspired by the soul of this project, we decided to work with a recycled range of papers “The Recycled Choice” by Casa Fredigoni. This range gave unity to the whole visual identity of the project using only the color of the papers, without any additional print. To sign the boxes we used a golden stamp, that added a touch of extra quality and sophistication to the design.

Furthermore, with the intention of reducing the numbers of boxes and production cost, we designed a unique format that is able to store different kind of jewels and different sizes through a modular system.

The result? A bold, sober and elegant packaging to wrap the Zany&Shy pieces with the taste they require.

Zany & Shy - Fine jewelry packaging design
Zany & Shy - Jewelry branding
Zany & Shy -  Handmade jewelry packaging

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