Pioneers of the French Touch, Daft Punk have successfully created a unique artistic universe. In a world ruled by images, they have chosen to step aside to better highlight their music. The anonymity on which they are playing since their debut in 1993, especially due to their immediately identifiable hats, is one of the major keys to their success.

They collaborated with various directors such as Michel Gondry ("Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind") or Spike Jonze ("Her"). As a result, their videos contribute greatly to their success. For "Around the World", if the song is out of the ordinary, the clip is just as much. Thanks to Gondry's work, the visual universe of the clip is both naive and intense. Is a mix of disco atmosphere, flashy colours and fantasy characters. With Jonze's "Da Funk", the two clips complement each other and reflect the French duo's artistic spirit of freedom.

Daft Punk videos show the eclecticism of the duo's musical evolution. Their universe and desire to break the rules and show themselves as the leaders of the French Touch.

Daft Punk video