Ian Davenport is a contemporary painter. Born in 1966 near London. Studied art and design at the Goldsmiths College of Art. After that, he became known worldwide thanks to his nomination for the annual Turner Prize in 1991. Since then, he is continuously exhibited in London, Dallas and Zurich. The technique he uses is called "pouring".

Using a schematic colour palette, he meticulously applies paint from a height. This allows it to ebb and flow in a single linear stroke. A process which is then repeated to form a landscape of colour. He says he is fascinated by Pollock and his practice of dripping, but also by Warhol and Matisse. Ian Davenport recently worked for the Swatch brand, for which he created a work 14m long by 4m high, "Giardini Colourful", exhibited in Venice for the Venice Biennale.

Ian Davenport