Abeceda is a book designed by Karek Teige in 1926. It is composed by poems written by the poet Vitĕzslav Nezval. This book is characterized by the graphic design, photomontage, typografy, experimental poetry and modern dance.

Abeceda has the theme of Alphabet. Each poem talks about a letter. Every letter choreographed and performed by the choreographer Milča Mayerová. This experience emerged through the need for experimentation. The link between body and the letter, the language with the action visually enhance the exploration of the alphabet as a work of art.

The way the body transforms and adopts the shape of the letter is a game of movements and postures, without being mimetic. The complete choreography that unites all the letters accompanied the readings of the poet. The photographs were taken by photographer Karel Paspa.

Abeceda G