Artur Bordalo, is a Portuguese artist who transforms garbage into art. Artistically named Bordalo II, a tribute to his grandfather, the painter and plastic artist Real Bordalo.

He uses the trash he finds on the streets and builds sculptures with it, showing us that one man's trash is another man's treasure. In this case, it is art. The artistic use of trash is also a kind of criticism of the world we live in. A world in which once valuable and important things quickly lose their value or use.

Working with waste began as an experiment. He liked the effect created by the joining of materials. But more than that he realized the potential of trash on an aesthetic level, based on once decayed buildings, now embellished with art. The objective being the creation of more interesting spaces even for the population itself and to make them think about the work of art.


Bordolo II sculpture

Animals are his main characters because. For him, they are the most direct representation of nature and the purest. The idea is to represent them with the materials responsible for their destruction.

Bordalo II not only creates large sculptures but also smaller pieces for the purpose of experimenting with other materials to put on his exhibitions.

In addition to the artistic component, the message he wants to communicate with his works is that we have to pay attention to our attitudes. Preserve the planet we have, nature and animals.