Enhancing their elegance and uniqueness, we've designed the label and packaging design for the new fragrances for Penhaligon's London. Penhaligon's is a British brand of luxury niche perfumes created in 1870 and named after its founder William Penhaligon. Among Penhaligon's products we can find a wide range of exclusive fragrances for women and men inspired by extraordinary situations, unusual places and simply magical moments.

From its beginnings in the decadent Victorian era to the present, the Penhaligon's brand has produced niche perfumes for the most demanding clients, perfumes that tell stories and are inspired by the unexpected, allowing us to always work on totally different proposals generating unique atmospheres with strong personalities.

Diseño de packaging Penhaligon's Savoy Noreste estudio
Diseño de packaging Trade Routes Penhaligon's Noreste

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